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Muriel Anderson
Combining imaginative playing and impeccable classical technique, Muriel Anderson developed a style all her own that has earned her a legion of fans around the globe. Her compositions draw from a startling variety of sources, showing the passion for music, oneness with her instrument, and gentle sense of humor which have endeared her to audiences worldwide. She has released seven CD's in the US and three in Japan, two videos, and has authored numerous articles and instructional books. Her "Heartstrings" cassette traveled as far as outer space, accompanying the astronauts on a space shuttle mission.

In addition to her solo pieces, Muriel has composed music for guitar and orchestra, music for guitar and violin for Chicago's virtuoso Rachel Barton, and has recorded a CD of music for guitar and cello entitled "Theme for Two Friends" with cellist Julie Adams. She has written title tracks for four albums including the new release LIVING OUT A DREAM for guitar and cello by Julie Adams and Richard Smith. She has just premiered music for guitar and womens choir with the Chicago-based Vox Caelestis, and is currently working on a quintet for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra.

Muriel Anderson was raised in a musical family in Downers Grove, Illinois. Her mother taught piano and her grandfather had played saxophone in John Philip Sousa's band. Her mother often played a piano ragtime standard called "Nola," so Muriel learned it on her guitar. Years later, she took that song to the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championships and became the first nylon-string guitarist and first female guitarist to win. She is still the only woman to hold the title. Muriel fell in love with the guitar at an early age and learned every style available to her, culminating in classical guitar study at DePaul University. She went on to study with classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening and with Nashville legend Chet Atkins. She has composed music since age 6, and has written music for guitar and orchestra as well as songs and instrumentals.

Muriel's classical guitar is "The Muriel Model" made by Paul McGill. in Nashville, TN. Her harp guitar is built by Del Langejans and her steel string guitar is built by Kevin Ryan. She plays on GHS strings and also endorses UltraSound Amps.

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