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Buster B. Jones
Buster B. Jones is a master of the guitar styles of Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and Jerry Reed. He has explored their music, styles and techniques, but has developed his own unique style and depth.

Buster is known as a blazing fast and dynamic player, and was given the nickname "The Machine Gun" by admiring fans in France, but his original compositions expose a lyrical and gentler side to his musical personality.

Raised in Ames, Iowa, Buster began playing guitar and mandolin at an early age, following in the footsteps of his older brother Ron, who Buster idolized as the "best left- handed guitarist ever." It became apparent however that by Buster's mid-teens he would have a special gift for music, and his musical ability exploded..

Buster never took formal lessons, but developed his mastery of the guitar through sheer trial and error, and by diligently trying to learn the complex styles of players like Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.

"I touch on many different styles and approaches to playing lead and rhythm guitar. My goal as a player is to expand these perimeters and express what I feel musically," Says Buster, who often plays for other guitar players at conventions like the CAAS in Nashville and NAMM.

"Playing to a bunch of guitar players and fans is like watching Dawn of the Dead on video. They just stare at you, slack-jawed, looking like they want to eat your brain. It's a wonderful feeling!"

Buster B. Jones has several early albums which are out of print and two CDs, "Fingers in Flight" and "Guts and Steel."

He also has produced 10 teaching videos for Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop.

Buster B. Jones is currently working on a new CD and an independent video project, both due out this summer.

He is the 1990 winner of the National Fingerpicking Championship held yearly in Winfield, Kansas.
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